Change is in the Air

It’s January 19th, it’s a new year, and tomorrow we will have a new president here in the USA. No matter how you feel about the president, we can all agree that we are in for some changes.

Change is inevitable.

Change happens around us all the time. It is our ability to adapt to and, perhaps more importantly, to direct this change that will provide peace and thriving in our everyday lives.

Something I have observed over the past several months is that people are steadfast in their opinions and convictions and are often trying to get others to agree with them. Of course, it is natural for us to want others to listen to us, understand our position, and see things our way. We even want them to change their own opinions to match our own. This isn’t always realistic and can cause a great deal of angst. It reminds me of something I wrote in my second book…

Getting Others to Agree with You

There are times when you feel very clear about your path and you trust the direction in which you are moving. Much of the time, you find that others involved will be right there with you, totally aligned and in agreement. On occasion, though, as you move forward someone steps forth and throws a kink in the works. They have their own plan, their own agenda, and it is definitely not in sync with yours.

What to do? Listen.

Listen first to them. Listen with the intention of understanding their position and their motivation. Listen for the truth. Listen with an open heart and notice in which way you are moved, not only by their words, but also by their intention and their passion. Do not speak except to ask questions of them.

Notice how you feel.

Are you inclined to change your position and adjust your path? Or are you still quite sure that your path, as it was, remains the same? You will know this by tapping in to your inner self. You are equipped with an inner guidance system that needs no explanation or reason. When you are in tune with your inner self, and your intention is to seek truth above all else, you know that it does not matter whether others agree with you. You know that your own truth is the one that you must abide by.

Getting others to agree with you is of no consequence. It does not matter. What matters is that you follow your own path, in your own time, in your own way.

Your heart will never steer you wrong.

Be gentle with yourself and others as you perfect this fine art of self-referral; as you do, you will each see beauty in action as you move forward. Now, that’s Powerful!

If you want to be even more in touch with your feeling place and shift yourself into a higher vibration, we invite you to join us for a life-changing 21-Day Feel Good Challenge. It’s FR*EE. It will set the tone for a New Year that will have you feeling more ease, joy, and peace as you move through your days, help you feel better about your choices, and basically to FEEL GOOD about yourself and your life. Register Now.

My wish for you and for all of us here in the USA is that we can allow our differences, focus on what connects us, and move forward together in love.

With much love and gratitude for you,

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