Time flies… Or does it?

Do you feel that time is flying by? Or is it just me? It seems like only yesterday I was taking down the Christmas decorations, forcing myself to remember to write 2017, and now it’s March 10th. What the heck? My Gram Urda used to say “Wait until you get older Sue, the days will fly by”, and I do find this to be true.

Is time really flying by, or is it an illusion?

When I think of time and what it means, it truly baffles me. People all over the world look at a clock and it’s different everywhere – even though we are simultaneously in the same exact moment. I have a call today at noon with someone on the West coast. It will be the middle of my day and the beginning of hers. As I write these words, it is early morning here in Florida and in Australia, it already after midnight – in fact, it’s tomorrow – even though we are all sharing this same moment in time.

Am I having an existential crisis? I don’t think so.

Time is something we mark as a way to make plans, coordinate schedules, measure milestones, and keep track of our lives. I totally get it. And yet, I wonder how much time really matters in the scheme of things and in the overall picture of our lives.

We don’t know how much time we have on this planet, in this body.

I look out my window and see the palm trees moving gently in the breeze, I see the blue cloudless skies, and I smell the fresh cut grass. I wonder what you are seeing around you in this very moment. I look at the clock and wonder if it matters at all what time it is and further if it matters what I do today, if anything at all. Like you, I can choose to do anything, and so I choose to write these words and get my thoughts out – to explore my thoughts and speak my mind.

I choose to be in this moment.

I guess that’s what life and time is all about… deciding to be in the moment and making choices based on whatever you decide to focus on. Maybe you make choices based on commitment or duty. Maybe you choose based on social norms and what is ‘expected’ of you by your family, your employer, and society. Or maybe, you make choices based on a whim, a gut feeling, or an inspired thought.

No matter what choice you make or what you base your decisions on,
you’re choosing it in the moment you’re in.

In the long run, we are always in the now. Even as we are remembering the past or planning for the future we are doing it in the present moment. Time as we know it is linear, and can be measured. The present, though, is fleeting. And,

I know one thing for sure about time…

As we turn back our clocks one hour this weekend, I will be wondering exactly where that hour went… And even as I ponder that hour I will be in the present. Now, that’s Powerful!

With much love and gratitude for you,

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