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In the reading of the bestselling book Women, Food and God, I found myself immersed in the possibility of release.  Release from a lifetime of feeling caught up in so many emotions about food.  What Geneen Roth taught me through the pages of her book is that we are all searching for something to make us feel “OK” and good and accepted.  People search along different paths, but always for these same feelings.

A profound statement she makes is that “Real change happens bit by bit. It takes great effort to become effortless at anything. There are no quick fixes.”

I read this several times, and being someone who likes quick fixes and immediate gratification, I took exception to it.  I found myself silently disagreeing with her, because I have always believed (and I think I still do) that change happens in an instant.  It happens in the instant that we make a decision (that’s from Anthony Robbins) and it happens in the instant of awareness.  Having read the book, and resonating with so much that she had to say, I now find myself opening to the possibility that change may take time – sometimes.  I know for me, the awareness that her book, and so many others, have brought to me is that there are many teachers and authors and speakers who teach on a variety of topics relating to self-help who all say much of the same thing.  The key to a great self-help book is that it opens you to possibility of you.  It lets you see yourself in the pages and it guides you to a new level of awareness.  And this new awareness is all it takes for the mind to be opened to a new understanding of who you are and the possibility of who you would be if you allowed yourself to be free.  Thanks Geneen, for the possibility of release.

I highly recommend this book!

I highly recommend this book!

THE BOOK:  Women Food and God

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