The Power of Focused Energy

focusScattered beams of sunlight illuminate our entire planet. The same scattered beams, when concentrated through a piece of glass, can set a leaf on fire. This same concept of focus works for your thoughts, feelings and actions.

When you are feeling “scatter-brained” it is as if you are all over the place and unable to get a particular thought to take shape and have meaning. When you multi-task, you are giving divided focus to many things, and therefore diminishing the power of each of them. When you are feeling wishy-washy about a decision or a person, the uncompleted emotion can be unsettling and may cause “paralysis of analysis”.

Paralysis of analysis is the inability to act due to over-thinking.

Harnessing your thoughts, feelings and actions, and setting them on a specific and guided course will add grace and ease to the moment you are in. As you choose to focus in each moment and get better at it, you will find that your life will fall in place before you. People, things and circumstances will show up in your path, and you will recognize their purpose because you are clearly focused.

You will know the meaning they have for you and the part they play, because it is you who will have summoned them through your focused attention, actions and vision.

There is great power in focused energy, and it is up to you to harness it. Now, that’s Powerful!

Need more focus in your life?… More focus on the good stuff, that is. Sign Up for my Free Feel Good Now webinar that will help you get focused on what matters most to you.

Here’s to focus and manifesting! ~ Sue

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