Mirror, Mirror of Myself

Scenery - Tranquil Water & TreesWe’ve all had times in our life when we meet someone, and we experience dejavu. We could swear we’ve met them before. In an attempt to make the connection, we ask lots of questions to figure out how we might know them. ‘Did you grow up in Texas?’ ‘Where did you go to college?’ ‘Do your kids play softball?’

Sometimes, we just can’t put our finger on it, but, we feel as though we know them. Ans sometimes, we feel as though we’ve known them forever. There is an immediate connection. We are drawn to them instinctively, and they are drawn to us. We are instant friends.

How does this happen? Why does this happen? When we look at someone or when we are in the same room with them, we automatically share energy with them. When the energy is high and strong and fast, we feel excitement, joy and love. We often make eye contact and sometimes even share a long conversation. We may even feel compelled to touch or hug them. We feel connected.

There is an immediate liking to this person, and usually this liking is mutual. You feel accepted and safe with them. You like the same food, the same movies, the same clothes and even the same colors. You share similar philosophies and laugh at the same things. You might even have a similar “style” or body-type as them. On a much deeper level, you look into their eyes – and you see yourself.

Sometimes exactly the opposite is true. We meet someone and instinctively, for some reason, we don’t particularly like them. We don’t know why, but we just get a “bad vibe”. We avoid them, because we actually feel negative energy from them. We observe them in a group, and perhaps we see them as crude or pushy or monopolizing of the conversation. We feel uneasy and although we remind ourselves that “everyone we meet is a child of God”, we sometimes judge them or make mental criticisms of them.

All this from only a few moments of being in their company or talking with them. How could this be? Again, we share energy with everyone. Perhaps with this person, the energy flows at a different level than our own. We don’t “feel” the familiarity. We don’t share similar thoughts or feelings with this person. We simply do not connect with them.

Other people are like mirrors to us. Whatever we see in them, we see in ourselves. We may see the person we are today or we may something there that represents who we were at some other time in our life. Perhaps, at some point, we were the one who zapped the energy from the room, or we were the one who was abrasive or simply did not “fit in”. Is it possible to recognize this quality in a person without having personally experienced it at some level ourselves? Are we really so different than the person next to us? Or the person next to them? Or the person we see on TV who lives on the other side of the world? I think not.

So, what do we do? We surround ourselves with those people we want to be like. These are the people we enjoy, the people we laugh and talk with. These are the people we connect to and feel love for. We want to be like them, because they are our mirrors.  They are our reflection. They are us.

Now, that’s Powerful!

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