New Year, New You ~ Or Not

FireworksThe powers that be would have us believe that the beginning of a new year means the beginning of new habits and new ways of being. We search for new bodies, better relationships, the end of ‘bad habits’ and more material stuff. We’re tricked each year into believing that what we had last year and they way we showed up in the world simply doesn’t cut it. Is this true for you?

Does January 1st mark a new beginning for you or is it simply a comfortable and uneventful continuation of the year before?

Consider this: Are you really any different than you were at the stroke of midnight on December 31st?  You’re in the same body, with the same brain. You have the same blood coursing through your veins and the same air wafting through your lungs. You are most likely living in the same home in the same town with the same people that you were with the day before. And you probably have the same job to wake up to.

So what’s different?  Nothing really; unless of course, you decide it is.

Many people use the New Year as a natural time to make some changes and this is great if that is what feels natural for you. If you are happy about your situation and feeling good as you are, that’s great too. Continue to do what you’re doing, feel what you’re feeling and be who you’ve been. Life is on your side. There has never been any other way.

However, if you feel the need for a change and you’d like a new beginning for the New Year, here is a ritual that will help you to be more focused, more open and more ready to receive all the good that is yours for the allowing.

New Year’s Ritual for Allowing

Set the tone for your ritual by doing the following:
– Find a quiet place and some uninterrupted time (about 30-60 minutes)
– Get a new spiral notebook or some lovely blank paper and a pen.
– Prepare a hot beverage and get comfortable.
– Light a white candle and say the following prayer:

“Dear God/Source, I thank you for guiding me through each day of my life and especially through the past year. I appreciate all you have brought into my experience and all things and people you have put before me to learn from. I am grateful for my life so far and look with hope and joy towards the future.”

  1. Write 5 accomplishments from last year – size doesn’t matter. Write down the inherent benefits of these things. (How it made you feel, how you were affected by it).
  2. Write down 1-3 things you set out to do in the past year and did not finish, or perhaps even failed at it.  Write down the inherent benefits of having set out on this path. (What you learned, who you met and how you grew in the process).
  3. Write down the names of 2-5 people you spent the most time with this year and what you learned from them and the joyful times you experienced.
  4. Celebrate #’s 1-3.  Read carefully over your lists focusing on the benefits of your experiences.  Look deeply into the flame of the candle and give thanks.
  5. On a new piece of paper, write the nagging thoughts or feelings you would like to release as you move into the New Year. Write the things that you feel are holding you back. Write any negative thoughts you would like to release. Read these over carefully, and thank them for being here to serve you in whatever way they did. Now tear up this list into as many pieces as you can and ‘trash it’.
  6. Write how you would like to ‘feel’ in the coming year.  List all the positive emotions that come to mind.
  7. Write a list of the people you would like to spend time with in the coming year and why.
  8. Write a list the material things you would like to have that are not in your possession right now and their inherent benefits. *Don’t worry about feeling greedy – make the list as long as you’d like and, for goodness sakes, smile while you do it.
  9. Read over #6-8 and visualize yourself enjoying these things, events, people and ways of being. Look into the candle and give thanks.
  10. Then, read this prayer today and every day for as long as you inspired to do it.

“Dear God/Source, I am grateful for this new day and my life as it is. I know I am a beautiful, resourceful woman with great good to share. I commit to myself that I will share my gifts and my love for my own good and the good of all others. I promise to remember the light from which I came, of which I am and to which I am drawn. I will take inspired action as I am moved. And I will direct my thoughts and feelings to those which bring me joy. This is a new day and I am grateful.”

Now, that’s Powerful.

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