Only 25 Days Left in the Year ~ Who Cares?

hearts 3There are many posts on Facebook and Twitter and in the newsletters of many motivational coaches lately harkening the end of the year saying things like “Oh-Oh, only this many days left to achieve your goals” “Are you where you want to be?”, “You’re running out of time”. This type of language is pretty much threatening us that if we don’t do it now or before the end of the year that we may never actually get it done. Is this true?

Does it Really Matter That It’s the End of the Year?

Frankly, I am not a big fan of ‘year-end, hurry up and get it done’ activity. I am very happy to wind down and enjoy the holiday season. I will admit that this is relatively new for me as of a few years ago. This doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in setting specific yearly goals and taking action to achieve them. It simply means that I now recognize that our lives and the years we live are a continuum that doesn’t end at midnight on New Years Eve. We are ever-expanding spiritual beings having a human experience that will continue as long as we are breathing. Putting on extra pressure at year end, especially during what is a happy and blessed holiday season is a bit much for me. I suggest you follow my lead and dismiss the hype and hullabaloo and…

Opt For a Happy, Jolly, Merry and Blessed Year End

You can do it! Let go of the pressure to perform and give yourself over to the merriment and joy that is waiting for you in the presence of your family and friends. Allow yourself to focus on the gift of holiday preparation and partying. Try a new recipe or two, sit on Santa’s lap, put up your favorite, beautiful (or even corny) decorations and be sure to reach out to those who mean the most to you.

January 1st Will Roll Around and Your World Will Still Be Well

As you allow yourself to relax into year end and the holidays or perhaps jump right in to the hustle and bustle, you will remind yourself that all IS well and that this year, just as the years before and the years to follow, is happening and passing in perfect timing and divine order. There is no other way!

Happy Holiday Season

Wishing you an Awesome Year End!



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About the Author:  Sue Urda is an Author, Speaker, Inspirer and Co-Founder of Powerful You! Women’s Network, She was named twice on Inc. Magazines list of the 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies and is the author of two books, Powerful Intentions Everyday Gratitude and Empowering Transformations for Women. Sue’s vision is to contribute to a global consciousness of women helping women succeed in business and in life and to open them to truth of who they are.

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  1. MelissaS

    Thank you for the reminder! Perfect timing as I was starting to stress about everything that needs to be done!! May you and yours have a Wonderful Holiday and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!!!!

  2. Melissa

    Thanks for sharing this. I was in panic mode and was not even aware of it! I have been racking my brain how I could end the year on a high, just last night I stepped back, and allowed myself more time…and now I know why I have been feeling the pressure!
    With appreciation and abundant blessings for 2012…

  3. Sue Urda

    Hello Melissa and Melissa!
    Two comments today on this holiday article from two Melissa’s – what are the chances of that? I am so happy that you will both be relaxing into the holidays and removing the pressure from yourselves. My chosen theme for the holidays this year is “Ease and Joy”. Ahhhh… I feel good just saying these words!
    Happy and Blessed Holidays to you both,

  4. Moreen Torpy

    Hi Sue, I will be using this article in my upcoming e-zine. You’ve articulated my thoughts perfectly, so why not share them with my audience. Thanks for being you.

  5. Roberta Wojcik


    Bless you! I am a Louise Hay Personal Coach, graduate of March, 2000 class with Dr. Patricia Crane. This is also what I believe and promote so thank-you for sharing your heartfelt thoughts and beliefs. This is the season to bask in the goodness of all there is and all we have. Be grateful, enjoy and sip a peppermint hot cocoa with lot’s of whip cream while sharing time with family and friends! Life is a gift, let’s all live it like we believe it! Breathe~

    Love and blessings,
    Roberta Wojcik

  6. Sue Urda

    Hi Moreen, I am so happy that you’ll be sharing this message! Thank you. I hope it brings EASE and PEACE to those who read it. I know for me, reminding myself to breathe and release all the hype is a huge relief!!! Blessings, Sue

  7. Sue Urda

    Hi Roberta!
    Yes, Life IS as gift and I am reminded of this each morning as I look out over the Atlantic as the sun peeks over the horizon. The holidays sometimes get us all harried, but the truth is that each day is a blessing and the season simply reminds us more fully of this. I am tasting the hot cocoa right now!!!
    with love and gratitude,

  8. Hazel

    Hi Sue,

    My apologies for replying so late. I so agree with you about end of the year. I turned 70 this year and one of the things that hit home was that life can be too short and tomorrow is another day, everything will get done. You’re right, who cares if it’s nearly the end of the year. I must admit I do have plans in place for my business for next year but not because the year is ending just so I can start 2012 with no overwhelm and I know where I want to go and how I want to get there with ease.
    It’s now Dec. 21st and this week I’ve barely worked at all, I’m already in holiday mode
    and really winding down and plan to stay this way until after New Years.

    Enjoy a lovely holiday, have fun and wishing you a joyful and happy New Year.

  9. Sue Urda

    Hi Hazel,
    I am so happy you are in ‘holiday mode’ and enjoying the moments each day brings. I find the holidays to be very special and I am so happy that I choose to give myself over and dive right into the Spirit ~ I know that when I encounter a ‘Grinch’ they have allowed the whole year-end holiday rush get to them, so I am sure to give them a kind word and smile.

    2012 is coming whether we are ready or not. Luckily, like you, I am ready with my business plans because they are also fluid and ever-ready. The ongoing planning helps to make for the ease we all desire!

    I wish you an amazing holiday and a New Year filled with happy surprises and joy!
    Blessings to you,

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