People Want to Give Me Money

Stacks_of_moneyThis morning alone I received three emails from people offering to give me money. Jim McC—ar randomly decided to make a $2 million donation to me, an attorney representing a long lost relative of mine from Algeria is holding $54 million US Dollars and all he needs is my bank routing code to get it to me, and then there’s the $110 Pound grant that has been awarded for my bravery. Wouldn’t it be great if any of these were real?

Each time I receive one of these emails I wonder what these people have to gain. I wonder if there are actually people who respond to these emails hoping just maybe it’s true… that maybe they’ll actually get the $54 million dollars. Maybe there IS a long lost Urda relative out there who really does want to keep the family money in the family, and of all the Urda’s in all the world they found me! I will say that there’s one good thing about receiving these emails…

It Makes Me Dream.

What would I do if I magically had $54 million dollars? Would I continue with the businesses I’ve created? Would I still live here in sunny Florida? Would I still do what I currently do day in and day out? These are great questions.

Living ‘rich’ in my mind helps me think outside the box. It promotes blue sky thinking and helps me get into a mindset of expansiveness and freedom. It also helps me get to what’s truly important to me, and brings to mind the people that really matter in my life. Think about it…

If you had millions of dollars at your disposal,

what would you do differently?

I’ve decided that I would still live here in sunny Florida. I’d continue with my businesses and be able to bring to fruition sooner than later the plans we have for them. I’d hire a personal trainer to get my body to optimal health and fitness and a coach to help me move to the next level of my spiritual and business life even faster and more fulfilled along the way.

Thinking this way gets me really excited about the many things I have on my ‘blue sky wish list’, and it makes me move towards them in any way I can, even without the millions of dollars. Why? Because I recognize what things and people are truly important to me. I realize that having the money or not doesn’t make these things and people any less important. In fact, thinking this way helps me to know that I’m on the right path for me already.

So I do what I can, with what I have, from where I am right now. 

And I feel good.

I invite you to share in the lessons I’ve learned over the years by reading my new book, Powerful Intention Everyday gratitude Book II. It is a daily guide for living with intention and gratitude – and for feeling good! Visit my website for details: Enjoy!

Wishing you blue skies,



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