Would You Tell Me a Little Bit About Yourself?

womentalkingHmmmm… Sounds like a straightforward question, right? Tell me about yourself.

This is the first question that will be asked of me for an interview I’ll be recording later today. Thank goodness I saw the questions in advance. I feel that the answer could be anything from reciting my resume, to talking about my passions, to telling about where I grew up and all the many moves I made over the years, to the daily practices I use, and well, the list goes on. I still don’t know exactly where I’ll go with my answer, but I’ve thought about it enough that when I’m asked I’ll simply trust my instincts and go where this leads me. I mean really…

How Can We Sum Up Our Lives in a Few Short Minutes?

It’s not really possible, and yet we do it all the time. People ask us how we feel, and we give them a quick “I’m fine” even though there might be plenty of things that aren’t just fine right now. They ask us what we’ve been up to, and even if we haven’t spoken in a while – maybe several days or weeks – and we say “not much”. Someone asks me in an interview to tell them about myself and I give them the answer that will serve the audience I’m talking to. I will of course be real and provide information about some part of my life journey, but truly…

The Real Answer is Pretty Big.

It’s true we tailor our answers for the questioner or the listeners and our level of intimacy and trust we have for them or even the purpose of the question. And yet it seems that we often gloss over much of what’s happened in our lives until we’re asked (or inspired) to dig deeper and come up with a more meaningful or thoughtful response.

Anyone who’s done some personal development work, explored your inner child, past life regression, meditation, hypnosis, or done any other number of practices or sessions to get more in touch with ‘the real you’ knows that there is so much more to us than our conscious mind can comprehend. And its one thing for us to explore it for ourselves and entirely another to share it with the world. Or is it?

Can My Journey Help Others?

I know in my own life that I’ve learned from the experiences of others. I’ve read plenty of books, watched many movies, and listened to countless people tell some part of their life story, and they truly made a difference for me. Because of them, I’ve saved time, money, and lots of angst. I’ve avoided what could have been disasters. I felt guided to try new things and step out on some paths I might never have considered. My life is better because some people were brave enough to share themselves.

So I’m Grateful.

I’m grateful that others have opened up and shared themselves. And now I pay it forward. Heck, if my story, my failures, or my insights can help someone else like I’ve been helped along the way, then all is well with the world. I firmly believe that we’re all in this together.

We’re Here For Each Other.

And so, I’ll be as forthcoming as I can as I allow Spirit to speak to me and through me during my interview. I look forward to hearing what I say!

I invite you to share in the lessons I’ve learned over the years by reading my new book, Powerful Intention Everyday gratitude Book II. It is a daily guide for living with intention and gratitude – and for feeling good! Visit my website for details: www.SueUrda.com Enjoy!


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