OMG! Grey’s Anatomy Game Changer (Spoiler Alert)


I didn’t see this coming – not by a long shot. How could Derek be gone? No more McDreamy? No more loving angst between him and Meredith? No more sibling rivalry? No more jockeying for position at the hospital? And just when he and Meredith were getting along so well and on the way to marital and family bliss. Just when Derek was becoming even more lovable and adorable…

How can the show go on now?

Since I didn’t see it coming, I can’t even imagine what happens next. Shonda Rhimes has really done it this time. Her fans are all a twitter (literally) with surprise, disbelief, and wonderment. How could she have kept such a secret? Not even an inkling for us to ponder? Sure there was Meredith’s intuitive worry in the episode before, but we’ve seen such things before with everything working out beautifully.

Why Shonda? Why?

So I have to stop myself and wonder how it’s possible to get so invested in a character on a TV show.  With twitter and facebook exploding right now, and on a regular basis, it’s easy to see that there are lots of people who do this. It’s not unlike the uber fans of baseball or football who feel betrayed when a star player falls from grace or excited and proud when their star does something extraordinary for the community or shares a personal moment like having a baby or getting engaged.

And although it’s not personal, it sure does feel that way.

We don’t even know these people – not really. We haven’t met or had a conversation. And especially the ones on a TV show. For goodness sakes, they’re not even real people – they’re characters. They’re the brainchild of someone’s creative thinking and imagination. And yet, we allow ourselves to become invested. We allow ourselves to get wrapped up. We allow our minds and hearts to ‘go there’.

And the feelings are REAL.

The brain doesn’t differentiate between what’s a story and what’s actually happening. It reacts the same way, and so do our bodies. Why then do we subject ourselves to movies and shows and even tabloids that reel us in and make us feel so bad sometimes? Sure there’s good stuff too, but so often it’s the drama that we crave.

Truth is, we love seeing people struggle and make it through. We love the ‘Hero’s Journey’ that Joseph Campbell speaks of. It reminds us that we’re in the middle of ‘stuff’ in our own lives and we’re okay for now. It reminds us that we too will face tough times and that there’s hope for us to make it through. It reminds us that we’re human.

It reminds us that we’re alive.

As for me, I’ll continue to watch Grey’s Anatomy. I look forward to Meredith’s new journey, and seeing what happens at the hospital. And you can bet I’ll really miss Derek… that smile, those beautiful blue eyes, that intensity…

Ah yes, the mind doesn’t know what’s real…

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With love for you (and Derek),


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