The Power of a Post-It

Post-itsI gotta say, I love me a pad of post-it notes. There is something so powerful about being able to write something and then release it when it no longer serves a purpose.

I think that’s why they invented the non-permanent adhesive on the back of the post-it… because some things aren’t meant to stay with us forever.

I can write a task, a reminder or a whole shopping list on a simple 3×3 piece of paper, and once I’m done with it, I toss it. It’s gone. I may never even have a memory of the thing that I once needed to remember so badly. I’m done, and so ‘poof’, it’s just gone.

Life is like that. What’s important to us one minute, may be completely unnecessary the next.

Or not.

Some things (and people) remain important to us forever. And that’s what our hearts are for. When something (or someone) is written on our hearts, it’s indelible.

So as we move through our days we have a choice. Is this a ‘write it on my heart’ kind of moment or is this a post-it moment?

Now, That’s Powerful!

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  1. Carolyn Finch

    Hi Sue and thanks for the newsletter. I was about to join the Western CT chapter when it disbanded. I am joining and it may be the other chapter in CT. Something has drawn me to your group ever since I saw an add for a meeting a year ago December. I am a Motivational Speaker on Body Language and really enjoy small networking groups. I am in the middle of a move at this time and toward the end of August will be more settled. I thought I would mention the story behind Post-it notes if you didn’t know it. 3M was experimenting with a new glue for a line of their tapes. Samples were on a desk and instead of the paper sticking together the creator realized they could be removed easily. He was in a church choir so he brought them to the choir and they used the small pieces of “new glue” papers to mark the pages of the hymns to sing that week and as the saying goes: “the rest is history.” Have an electrific week. Carolyn Finch.

  2. Sue Urda

    Hello Carolyn!
    I don’t know how I initially missed your comment here, and I’m happy to read it now. I was vaguely aware of the story of the Post-It, except for the part where he used it for his choir. I imagine that’s where most good ideas come into being – through the practical application and the problems they solve to the ease they create..

    We would love to have you as part of our network, and I know you will enjoy the women you meet in our CT chapter. Perhaps we will see you at the Grow Tour event in CT on October 20th. Here’s the link for you: I also hope you choose to be a part of our anthology book… you’ll be among some inspired and inspiring women!


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