Projects and Closure

project-completionLife is a continuum and it seems that there’s always something going on. We’ve just completed a new project, we’ve just started developing another new idea, and of course, we’re continuing the day to day tasks and projects of the business that are ongoing. I must say, it feels really good. In thinking back over the first few months of this year, I know we completed and started several different things – some of them were more successful than others – and yet, we’re thankful for all of them. They each taught us or brought us something, and so all are worthy of celebration because we wouldn’t be where we are today without them.

We don’t always remember to celebrate new beginnings and completions – it’s something we’re getting better at. How about you? Do you have a lot going on? Do you remember to celebrate? I hope so. This brings me to something I wrote in my second book…

Projects and Closure

Think about a time when you were completely wrapped up in a project: you worked wholeheartedly and non-stop and then suddenly, boom…it’s over. Have you ever felt that you don’t know what to do with yourself? Now that the party is over, the thing is done, you’ve celebrated, you’ve rested, you’ve closed the file and the dust has settled, how do you decide what comes next?

The truth is that life (and business) is a continuation of projects, goals and desires.

They don’t really ever end…they simply continue on, one right after the other. And if we have taken the time initially to create the big vision for our lives, then all of these desires will overlap, ‘blur’ and build upon one another, and they will naturally lead us to the next organic and God-sent step.

Yes, there is the natural tendency to want closure, completion and to ‘finish’ a thing, but there is also the tendency for growth, nurturing and continuation.

If you look back over the years, you will see that it is a compilation of both continuation and completion woven together to form the beautiful fabric of your life. This fabric of your life is a rich blend of all you have ever seen, spoken and done. It holds memories, dreams and desires, losses, fears and failures. And as you look at it, you will see that it was all necessary to make your life exactly what it is today. No part can be left out or you would not be the same individual you are in this moment.

Look upon the fabric of your life as you would a fine piece of art.
Feel the softness, the beauty and the flaws, and allow them to fill you up—they are yours.

As for the next project, the next path, the next vision… Allow it to flow naturally to you. Ahhh… Now, that’s Powerful!

Would you like to feel more in the flow between completion and continuation?
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With ongoing gratitude and love,

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  1. Rachel Arterberry

    Thank you very much for this insight. We all seem to forget to even failures or in fact something to celebrate because we learned we doesn’t work. I tend to get down on myself when something is NOT as successful as I had envisioned and I forget that I am in fact a better person because of it. I am where I am today because of those challenges, failures and successes. Thank you. Be Encouraged!

  2. Sue Urda

    Hi Rachel,
    Thank YOU for your insights. Like you I get down on myself when my expectations aren’t met and yet I also know that it brought me to this moment and taught me something. There’s that saying “don’t throw out the baby with the bath water”… let’s not throw out the lessons with a failure!. Blessings and success on your journey.
    With gratitude,

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