Shift Happens

A shift is a slight movement, stirring or change. Throughout the day, many little shifts are occurring around you and within you. These shifts may be in the form of a new thought, an altering of a current thought or a movement of energy. Energetic shifts are the ones that happen most frequently.

The question is… are you even noticing them?

Do you recognize when the mood changes, when the energy expands and lightens, or if it becomes dense and heavy? Are you aware of these shifts and how they are affecting you? And more importantly, are you consciously creating these shifts? Yes, you can create shifts with a single thought. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. A tiny shift in a single moment makes a change to the present and sets you on a new or altered path. A tiny shift contributes to momentum, and many tiny shifts over time add up to a huge change.

If you would like change in any area of your life, it starts with a tiny little shift. You have the power. Be aware, focus on what is around you and the energy you are emitting; then, consciously shift towards what you desire. When you do, you will be in flow with life – a life you have consciously created. Now, that’s Powerful!

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