Sweet Home Alabama!

Lagoon ViewI never thought I’d say these words … except when I’m singing along with the song on the radio or watching (yet again) the feel-good movie of the same name.

And yet, here I am saying out loud, “Sweet Home Alabama” because this is where Kathy and I are living for the first few months of this year.

Yep! We’re living in Alabama. Go figure.

Why? We decided to shake things up a bit after “one heck of a year” in 2015. We needed a change of scenery, a new vibe, and something to re-energize our spirits. As I write this I am looking out a picture window onto the beautiful waters of “Little Lagoon”. It is calming and re-vitalizing at the same time.  Every day I have the opportunity to cross the street and walk the Gulf beaches and breathe in the fresh salt air. Even the temps which are decidedly cooler than Southwest Florida are a welcome change, and provide a ‘wake me up’ when we venture out.

Yes, it’s a good move for us. With this new perspective we are working on some exciting new projects for Powerful You!–many that have been in thinking or development stages for several months, or even years, and whose times have now come.

At a base level, it feels good really good to have made this change, and that’s the best reason I know to do anything!

How about you? Are you in need of a change of some kind? Do you need to change your space, your job, or your relationships? Would it feel good to change your perspective, patterns, or habits?

Even a really small change will shift your direction forever.

I invite you to take stock of how you’re feeling, look at what’s working and what’s not, and create an action plan. It doesn’t necessarily mean moving to another state, or maybe it does. The deal is this–do whatever works for you. Others may think you’re crazy or weird or just plain old eccentric. So what!

As Joseph Campbell says, “Follow your bliss”.

Or if bliss seems like a long way away, and you really just need a breather, then follow whatever provides ease for you. You’ll be grateful you did! I know I am.

Wishes for your ease and sweetness, Sue

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