There’s No Time Like the Present.

sailboatsYou’ve heard it before – and it bears repeating – there’s no time like the present. What this speaks to is the value of this very moment. As far as you know, it’s the only one you’ve got; and every single moment after the one you’re in is a bonus.

Living in the NOW is Your Only Guarantee for a Full Life.

We’ve all known someone who has passed in what we would call ‘the prime of their life’ or someone who was ‘too young to die’. Our observation of their life may provide insights to us as to the fragility and uncertainty or the beauty and bounty of our own lives. We make promises to ourselves to spend more time with loved ones, take that vacation, stop waiting for tomorrow and to ‘lighten up’ and live in the moment. The question is…

Are you truly honoring your own life…now? To honor your own life can be quite simple. First, you must bring awareness to your thoughts and actions. This will let you know ‘what’s going on’ with you. And second, you must make a conscious choice to keep your awareness in the moment. It is your awareness to the now that will help you to live it fully, because your awareness will insure that you are awake. Your awareness will help you to make decisions to get real with yourself and to think thoughts and take actions to feel better.  It’s that simple. It all comes down to awareness.

Awareness is the Mother of the Present.

* Photo by Theresa Tandaric

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