There’s No Time Like The Present


There’s no time like THE PRESENT.


In fact there is no other time… period. You only have the moment that you’re living in.

What’s past is past. You can’t change it. You can’t go there again. You can’t re-live what already happened (although many of us do this in our heads day after day – to no avail I might add).

What’s ahead of you isn’t here yet, and you might not get there anyway. And even if you do make to tomorrow or next week or next year, that moment will be THE PRESENT.

Now, this isn’t just a bunch of New Age mumbo jumbo. It’s the truth.

And if you’re reading this, you’re probably already on the same page as me, so let me get to the point.

If you have a hankering for something, do it now.
If you have a dream for your life, take a step towards it.
If you love someone, tell them.
If you did something requiring forgiveness, ask for it.
If you aren’t feeling emotionally fit, change your focus.
If you are enjoying your life, keep doing more of the same.

You get the idea.

Your point of power is in the present.

Your time to act is now.
Your time to shine is this moment.

No more waiting!


I’d love to hear what you’re doing with your present!


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About the Author: Sue Urda is an Award-winning, #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker, Inspirer and Co-Founder of Powerful You! Women’s Network and Powerful You! Publishing. She was named twice on the Inc. Magazine list of the 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies Sue is a thought leader who envisions a world full of people connected to their ‘feel-good’, and she’s here to help them do it. Sue’s vision is to contribute to a global consciousness of women helping women succeed in business and in life and to open them to truth of who they are.

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  1. Mary Jane Hurley Brant

    You are so right, Sue. I’m working on it, believe me, and I appreciated these lovely thoughts.

    In my 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s I often lived in the future going for the dream, shooting for the moon. It was fun and that focus actually fine-tuned my intuitive skills.

    In my 60’s I started looking back at the same time I was looking in the mirror then I pitched a tent! Bad girl, MJ!

    It took me a while but I snapped out of it, got more active with my yoga practice and my essay writings and that has helped me a great deal to enjoy the wonder and the surprise of living in the present moment.

  2. Cynthia Makhoul

    Your article came in Divine time!

    I am currently on my Soul/Spirit journey….left San Antonio, TX a month ago today, and am now in Flagstaff, AZ….following my Heart…driving to California, only knowing I am beginning in San Diego…to live near the ocean….

    My commitment is to Be, Live in the Present…no time clock…to truly know and understand what living in and with my Soul’s Heart is….in every moment…in the Present….

    Thank you for writing this article…

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