Trust and Have Faith that ALL IS WELL

nienieneckHold the Vision. Trust the Process.

When things aren’t going exactly as you planned, hold tight to your dreams, goals, and vision. You’ve experienced something like this before – things weren’t working out as you expected, and you made it through. There was a monkey wrench, a curve ball, or fork in the road that stopped your progress or changed your direction, and you made it through. You’re where you are today, and maybe your path looks nothing like you envisioned in the beginning. And it’s perfect anyway.

You allowed your path to morph into what it is now. You took stock and adjusted your position. You stopped paddling upstream and flowed downstream and saw around the bend a brighter, bigger light than you had planned for yourself. All of the experiences of your life awakened you to something different than you could have imagined or envisioned; they broadened your perspective, opened your mind, soothed your heart, and excited your senses.

Collectively, every situation you’ve experienced and every person you’ve encountered not only brought you to this point, they’ve allowed you to expand into the beautiful being you are now with your unique perspective, your personal vision, and your soul contribution.

No one else can walk in your shoes or see through your eyes. Every moment you’ve lived through is yours alone. And although you don’t know exactly what’s ahead or even what the next moment holds, you know you are here for a reason and a purpose. You might not know what it is because it keeps changing. That’s okay. It’s by Divine design.

Hold the Vision. Trust the Process. Be Easy with Yourself. Trust and Have Faith that ALL IS WELL. Because it is.

~Sue Urda

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  1. Gayle Naftaly

    You are on the mark! Thanks for the validation that I am not crazy!

  2. Sue Urda

    Dear Gayle,
    You are most definitely not crazy. Your circumstances and everything and everyone surrounding you are here FOR your highest and best good. Hold the vision. Keep the faith. You Go Girl! ope to see you at the Grow Tour in a couple weeks.
    Namaste` and love, Sue

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