What Do Curve Balls, Mercury Retrograde, and Sh*t have in Common?

Surprise - I Love LucyLife is full of twists and turns, curve balls and sliders, bombshells and surprises. Surprises. HAH! It’s all really nice way of saying that sometimes sh*t happens.

Yes, sh*t happens to all of us at some time or another. The interesting thing is that sometimes it comes out of nowhere and we’re blind-sided. Other times it’s like watching a car crash — You know it’s going to happen, you feel that it’s going to be terrible or maybe even unbearable, and yet you can’t look away. You’re mesmerized by the combination of the intense emotion you’re feeling, the pit in your stomach, and the weirdness and beauty of life unfolding before your eyes.

We’ve all been there…Knowing something is coming into being and feeling powerless to do anything about it.

It’s like a bad dream come to life. The truth is though, that we’re never actually powerless. Our power does not lie in events that take place around us. Our power doesn’t lie in other people or their actions and feelings. Our personal power doesn’t lie in anything outside of ourselves.

Personal power is just that – it’s personal to each of us.

It lies in our own hearts and souls. It lies in our own minds and thoughts. Personal power is the ultimate power for us as human beings because it draws its strength from where we choose.

For instance, if you are someone who values your intellect, you know that you can draw on your past experiences and what you’ve learned to formulate what is meaningful to you. If you value your spirituality, you reach into your heart and spirit for guidance and the answers for what’s next.

Most people combine these two. They rely on the past and what is known to them as well as open their inner being to the intrinsic nature of what’s here for them in any given moment. From this place, it feels more natural and perhaps easier to discern their next move, thought or action.

Then there are those who would blame some of the blips and little disasters of life on things like Mercury Retrograde, Blood Moons and other natural or anomalous events.

The cool and amazing thing is that they’re all right! The truth is that all the ‘stuff’ that happens in our lives is all filtered through our personal perception. It’s all up for grabs. There’s really no black or white except in our own minds. Everything comes down to the tiniest bits and atoms and the space that lies between them, and we get to pick and choose our own reality.

The twists and surprises are here FOR us in some way. They are here to shape our minds, hearts, and even our very existence. No one except you holds the key to your own truth. And if you give your power away to some rotten experience, some cold or mean words from someone, or to an unexpected turn of events, then you’ve wasted that moment of your life. Your power is in your perception, and those blips on the screen of your life aren’t just blips; they’re actually your life.

The sh*t that happens is at least as transformative as the miracles that happen. In fact, they are one and the same.

So, as you sit in contemplation about some ‘bad’ or unsavory thing that’s in front of you, remind yourself that you hold the power. Sure, you must first feel the feelings of it, and allow the surprise to enter your space so that you can deal with it. Don’t stuff the feelings. Bring them to the forefront, observe them, and examine their meaning for you. And then allow them to dissipate. Allow them to move through you, and not be stuck within you. Do what you know to do and then move on, secure in the knowledge that life is here FOR you.

You would also benefit from telling yourself the story of the potential magic that is contained in the muck. It might be hard to find in that very moment, but it is most definitely always there.

You’ve got the power, Baby. Use it wisely.

Wishing you wisdom,


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