A Return to Love

Marianne Williamson - A Return to LoveLast night I watched a taped show with Marianne Williamson as she spoke about the teachings of her book, A Return to Love which is based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles. The base message is that there are only two real emotions – LOVE and FEAR. All other emotions fall into one of these, and we allow ourselves to get caught up in the negative (fear, jealousy, anger, shame, etc) more than we revel in the positive (love, hope, joy, courage, etc).

Which are you choosing – Love or Fear?

She also spoke of seeing ourselves and others through the eyes of God or as God would see us. When we do this we dissolve fear and recognize that we are light beings filled with and capable of great good. Fear is the only thing that brings us down. Love is what will lift us all up. As we see ourselves and others as beings of light we become kinder, more compassionate, more loving, and more helpful to humanity and our planet.

See Yourself through the Eyes of God

The other lesson she spoke of was prayer. The prayer she asked each of us to pray each day and in every situation is “let me know what you would have me do” and “show me how I can serve today”. As we allow ourselves to be guided by our Creator we become lighter and more loving, and we begin to show up as the magnificent beings that we already are. We also live more into our true purpose which is to be beings of light and love.

Here is My Prayer for You

May you find peace today. May you be love today. May you feel the blessing that you are and bless others throughout your day.

Namaste` and Blessings, sweet friends.

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