The Nut Roll Pat Down and Intentions

What a10848017_10204182486817323_5522152862614943385_nn interesting experience I had at DFW airport this week. At the security checkpoint my bag was pulled aside because of a “suspicious item”. It ends up the item in question was a homemade nut roll that my mom had given me to take home for Christmas. It’s a delicious pastry and one of my favorite holiday treats, and so when they took it out of my bag with their rubber-gloved hands I asked them to be gentle. They swabbed the outside of the foil packet and put the tab into a machine to test for substances. “Trace explosives” blinked the red alarm light. What? In mom’s nut roll? I had to laugh, and then I got serious when they told me they had to unwrap it to inspect it further. They did it gently and carefully and the agent told me he would do his best to not touch the actual food. I watched closely and he did a great job.

I guess they decided it was safe and the ‘trace’ amount was insignificant and so they allowed me to keep it. They did however also swab my laptop, and then I was subjected to a pat down. They say there’s a first time for everything… this was something I never expected to happen to me.

Truth is, in the scheme of things, this was inconsequential.

Another traveler near me was complaining loudly and giving them a hard time about the same procedure I went through and it seemed to take longer for her. The whole time, I was reminding myself that I am grateful for the thorough checks to keep us safe as we travel.

As I left the security area still hearing the complaints of the other traveler, who by the way, looked perfectly non-threatening except for her angry red face, I am reminded that there’s always another perspective with which to see things. Choosing to be grateful and patient felt so much better to me than getting upset and angry. I realize this is a lesson for me in all that I do. Having a very busy three weeks ahead of me, I am going to carry this lesson.

My mantra will be – Patience. Choice. Ease. And Enjoy the Moment I’m In.

I hope all of you will do this with me as you move through the hustle and bustle of the holidays and the end of this year. I believe the best things we can do for ourselves is maintaining our own energy, and choosing the best feeling thoughts we can muster, even if there’s a curve ball, or someone or something unwittingly is there to bring us down.

I‘ll be the woman in the grocery store humming Christmas Carols, and smiling happily at the clerks, waiters and cashiers as I move through my holiday chores and celebrations. I’ll be the one with the intention of spreading love and joy and I’ll happily be the butt of a joke or do something crazy just to make people smile or laugh. I have no shame – and so I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I’ll also be reminding myself that it’s our connections that make life truly worthwhile, and so I plan to let the people I love know that I love them.

And so that’s my intention for the holidays – and to think, it all started with Mom’s nut roll!

Wishing you a JOY-FILLED and FUN Holiday Season,

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  1. vicki delaney

    Priceless. I travel every week and it is definitely easier when I stay in the zone.

  2. Sue Urda

    Ah yes, the zone. It’s definitely the ease-iest lane to travel in.

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