Use The Plunger

hot swirlTHE WATER is running from the faucet and the drain appears to be open, yet the water sits unmoving in the sink basin.  What gives?  Apparently there is some sort of obstruction in the pipe that is the inner workings of the sink and now, it is clogged.  Stuff that you thought was moving easily through the pipes has instead been collecting and piling up until there isn’t even a tiny passage for anything more to move through. This is not unlike the thoughts that move through your brain. You have a multitude of thoughts coming and going every single day.

In fact, it is estimated that you think 65,000 thoughts each day.

These thoughts sometimes play over and over again in your head and sometimes they overlap and pile up on each other until your mind, like the pipe under the sink, is clogged.  You have no room for a single thought more until you handle the clog.  So, what to do?  Use the plunger.  A plunger for your mind works just like a plunger for a sink.  You have to push it up and down, and create a vacuum of sorts to move things around.  Then, you have to let go of the unneeded and unnecessary stuff and the non-serving thoughts you’ve been holding onto that created the clog in the first place.  When you do this, movement will occur with grace and ease, and you will feel free.  Most important, there will be room for new and empowering thoughts and ideas to flow right to you and through you!

When you’re clogged, use the plunger.  Now, that’s Powerful!


I am grateful for the grace and ease that comes with my actions.


I get “unstuck” by taking action.

“Today is the day to claim your magnificence! It doesn’t matter what race or color you are, whether you are male or female, how tall or short ,how slim or large- you are here on earth for a Divine Purpose. The world is waiting for YOU to fulfill that purpose. Step into your power and share your magnificence!”

Patricia Crane,


This is an excerpt from my book, Powerful Intentions Everyday Gratitude.  (for 20% discount enter PIE-20)

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