Moving to the Next Level

Life is good and everything is pretty much “copasetic “. You’re healthy and have people who love you, you have a roof over your head and food to eat. Things could definitely be worse and you really don’t have much to complain about, right?

So why do you feel there is something more to be had?

It’s because there IS! Life is so full of incredible adventures, peaceful bliss, joyful moments and intense exhilaration. It is filled with opportunity and more pleasures than we can even imagine. So how can you tap into this and feel the beauty of life every single day? The answer is simple. You have to want to. You have to desire the incredibleness of life so much that you will see it and experience it no matter what situation you find yourself in. You have to be the catalyst, the activist and the one who simply takes one step towards whatever it is you want. There are people around you that have some really bad stuff going on in their lives, and yet many of them appear to be happy and they are often the first to spread love and goodness to others. How do they do it? They will themselves to be happy. They recognize that they are in control – not the circumstances. You can do this too.

A good place to start is to stop complaining.

That’s right; simply stop complaining. Do not speak words of complaint, don’t spread negative news and don’t commiserate and agree with others who do. You will find that this single shift in your language and your thinking will bring about a dramatic shift in your own psyche, in your attitude and in your heart.

You will begin to see the beauty instead of the “blah”, and you will find yourself moving to the next level with ease. Now, that’s Powerful!

Watch THE TRANSFORMATION MOVIE and take the 30-day “no complaints” transformation challenge with us. It will change your life.

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