Positivity vs. Negativity ~ What Wins Out?

Do you have a desire to be positive, and yet, you’re having a tough time with it? This may help…

Positivity vs. Negativity ~ What Wins Out?

Sometimes it’s tough to stay positive. There’s certainly negativity all around us – newspapers, online news sources, and TV news stations are filled with it. They use negativity for dramatic effect to improve ratings. There are plenty of negative people too – those who dwell on the “bad stuff” and make things seem worse than what they are. And of course, there are actual horrible, unthinkable situations that befall us. All of these sources may cause angst, fear, and even depression … if we let them.

There’s also positivity all around us.

Positivity is a choice and an action. The same news sources we mentioned earlier also highlight some good news – hopeful stories of people helping people, new discoveries and advances, and inspirational human interest stories. There are plenty of positive people too – those who talk about and focus on what’s good, and operate from a space of compassion, love, and kindness. There are beautiful, heart-warming, love-filled occurrences every single day too. All of this may cause happiness, motivation, and open-heartedness … if we let them.

It all comes down to a single decision in each moment.
It all comes down to mindset.

Direct your mind to focus on the positive aspects of what’s in front of you. Set your eyes on the prize and choose to see the good and the silver linings that are always available. Take steps in the direction of light rather than darkness. Although this may be difficult at first, it is well worth the effort. Yes, it’s sometimes easier to follow the crowd that complains and commiserates instead of uplifting yourself and others, but is this really how you want to feel? Is this really the vibe that you want to contribute to the people around you? Each moment of the day offers a point of decision for you. What decision will you make?

Decide right now to be positive.

There will always be negative people in the world. Sometimes I think the reason they’re here is to remind us how miserable we could be if we chose to look at life the way they do. There will always be ‘bad’, sad, and horrible things that happen; it’s a part of life. The good news is that we are able to look at them, accept them as they are, and seek whatever good is to be had from them. We get to determine our feelings about them and, in turn, this effects how we show up in the world.

Your ability to be positive, live in your truth, and stand in your personal power as you emanate love from your heart is the thing that will bring peace, calm, and even joy to the moments of your day. I choose positivity; how about you?

“You got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, and latch on to the affirmative. Don’t mess with Mr. In Between.” ~ Ann M. Martin

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