Procrastination is the Answer

procrastination (1)Okay, so the title is a bit dicey. Procrastination is only the answer if you don’t want to move forward. Procrastination kills momentum. Procrastination is a way of saying to the world that you really don’t believe in the beauty of your dreams, or that you don’t feel worthy to receive them.

Or is it something more? 

If you are feeling a tug that is telling you to wait, you may want to consider if this tug is your intuition and your inner guidance system, or if this tug is pure and simple fear. You will know the difference by how it makes you feel.

If it’s your intuition, the feeling you associate with waiting will be calm, relaxed and peaceful. If the feeling is one of dread, lethargy or anxiety, then this may be a simple case of fear; fear of the unknown, fear of failure, the list goes on.

Procrastination is a sign.

It’s here for your benefit and for you to learn. Mostly, it’s here for you to learn about yourself; what motivates you, what frightens you, what holds you back and what moves you forward. And to throw one more kink into the works, procrastination may also be a way of helping you to live more fully in the present—and that might make waiting worthwhile.

Is procrastination the answer? 

It depends on the question. And whatever you choose … is perfect. Now, that’s Powerful!

Here’s to your knowing! ~ Sue

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