Tapping Into the Universal Brain

Have you ever had an idea and thought “Wow, this is a spectacular idea. Someday, I’m going to produce this and everyone in the world own one”?  Then a few months later, you see the product you had envisioned on a late-night infomercial selling for $29 and you think, “Hey they stole my idea”.  What just happened? How could it be that someone you never met on the other side of the planet had the same idea that you did?  And how did they get it to market so fast?  It is because there is a “Universal Brain” that exists where we all have access to the energy that connects each of us to all others.

This is often referred to as the Universal Consciousness.

It’s almost as if we can tap into the thoughts and ideas of each and every person on the planet and beyond, simply by recognizing that we truly are all connected.  Being connected to others means that all of us has access to a general pool of information that we can use at any time. How do you tap in?  It’s simple.  Get Quiet. Ask for an answer or an idea. Be open to receive.  Yes, it’s that simple. Of course, tapping in and having an idea come to you is only the first step.  The person whose product is at market took the next step – Take inspired action. The Universal Brain is an amazing and infinite treasure. How you decide to tap in and use it is up to you.

Tap into the Universal Brain today; you’ll be glad you did.

Now, that’s Powerful!

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  1. Keli

    I absolutely LOVE what you have to say & would like to spread the word! Would you consider placing a TWEET link on your blog?
    Thank you for what you do!!!

  2. Sue Urda

    Hi Keli,
    Thanks for your kind words – I love to share what I am learning on this journey of life! I just added TWEET THIS to blog, so please feel free to share whatever you like!

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