When All Else Fails, Remember this: Failure is Simply a Result

Just like everything else in this life, failure is what you think it is.  So what do you think it is?  Is it a reflection of your character, your brain power or your abilities?  Is it the end of a journey because things didn’t happen as you envisioned?  Or is it simply a result?   When you choose to look at failure as a dark and gloomy “finality”, and you take it on as an aspect of your personhood, you may be burdening yourself with unnecessary baggage.  If you label failure as “bad”, you may also make the leap and label yourself as bad too. This way of viewing failure serves no one – especially not you.  Instead, you may choose to look at failure simply as a result. You tried something and it didn’t work, so now you know something you didn’t know before.  The real question is; what will you do with this newfound knowledge? How you use this information is more important than any label you can give to it or to yourself.


When you view failure as a result, you are more likely to move forward from a standpoint of empowerment instead of from the bottom of the barrel.

Choose empowerment every time.  And by the way, even if you happen to be at the bottom of the barrel, the good news is that the only way you can go is up!

Now, that’s Powerful!

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