Work WITH the Law of 80/20

There is a law that states that there is an 80/20 proportion that may be applied to most results in our lives.  In most cases 80% of results are attributable to 20% of efforts.  Over many facets of life, we see this law being reflected and proved out time and again.  In approximation, we know that 80% of the money belongs to 20% of the people, that 80% of sales come from 20% of customers and that 80% of our happiness comes from 20% of our interactions.  What does this mean for our everyday lives?  It means that a relatively small portion of our time and energy leads to most of the happiness, beauty, joy and fulfillment that we experience.  To make the most of the law of 80/20, we must examine our results and determine where the energy leading to the results came from.  We must then focus on those few activities and thoughts that consistently (or mostly) bring us great results.  We must not simply choose action; we must choose efficient action, and do only that which brings the results we desire, and either limit or eliminate completely all the rest.  Focus on the 20% that works for you!  What’s your 20%?   Now, that’s Powerful!

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