Who’s to Say?



As you tune in to conversations that are going on around you, you will hear lots of people saying things like “That’s not good” or “That’s just plain wrong” or “It shouldn’t be this way”. Phrases like these express sentiments of displeasure, anger, judgment and resistance to what exists. At times you may agree with these statements and you may even hear yourself saying them.

The big question is, “Who’s to say”?

Who’s to say what is right or wrong, good or bad? Who’s to say that things shouldn’t be as they are, especially as we observe them to be exactly as they are at the precise moment we are observing them? Who gets the final word and who is “right” in the end? There are no real answers to these questions, because every single thing that each of us observes has a different meaning for each person observing it. Nothing has any meaning except for the one we give it. This is why two people can see the same thing at the exact same time and have a differing viewpoint of what they just saw. Literally, there are as many different experiences of a situation as there are people involved. The next time you hear any of these words going through your head or from your lips, notice the feelings they bring up in you and ask yourself this, “Who’s to say that I am right? I only know what I think I know, and I also know what I feel.”

As you release judgment, you will feel relief in your body and a softness will settle in your heart. Now, that’s Powerful!

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