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The Whole Enchilada or a Tasty Morsel

enchiladaSo what kind of gal are you? Do you like knowing every single detail before you make a decision? Do you need to know the ins and outs, the ups and downs? Are you always looking for more so you are satisfied that you won’t miss anything? Do you like to fill yourself up so you are brimming over?

Are you a whole enchilada kind of gal?

Or are you a top line give me an overview and save the details for someone else kind of gal? Do too many details muddle your thinking process? Do you prefer highlights to … Read More

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There’s No Time Like The Present


There’s no time like THE PRESENT.


In fact there is no other time… period. You only have the moment that you’re living in.

What’s past is past. You can’t change it. You can’t go there again. You can’t re-live what already happened (although many of us do this in our heads day after day – to no avail I might add).

What’s ahead of you isn’t here yet, and you might not get there anyway. And even if you do make to tomorrow or next week or next year, that moment will be THE PRESENT.

Now, this isn’t … Read More

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