Celebrating Mom’s 75th

Mom SueToday is my mom’s birthday and she’s 75. Today, I am celebrating the beautiful, strong, and loving woman that she is, and all she has meant to me over the years. I love that our relationship has grown so beautifully over the years – we’re still mom and daughter of course, and we’re so much more than that. We’re friends with lives separate and intertwined who respect and care deeply for the happiness of each other. We allow for our differences, support our dreams, and help each other to thrive. I feel grateful and blessed to have her for my mom, and my wish for her is to feel happy and healthy, connected and loved.

Imagine being 75 years of age! If you’re like me, this means you’ve got a good 20 years of life between then and now. Imagine all the amazing life events that can happen in 20 years. Imagine all of the laughs, hugs, surprises, celebrations of all kinds – weddings, birthdays, graduations, births, deaths, promotions, baptisms, milestones, goals attained… the list goes on.

It got me to thinking about how quickly life can fly by. Hours, days, months, and years pass by whether we’re enjoying them or not, whether we’re on purpose or not, whether we’re living in the moment or not. On one hand I know that time is an illusion; on the other I know it is a measuring stick created to help us organize our lives. No matter how I look at it, I am reminded that time, and life, is what we make it.

Doing What Matters Most

As you start each day, do you have a clear vision, or maybe a well-written list, of things to do?  Are you very sure of what needs to be done and the reason for doing it? Have you scheduled time for it?  If your answer is yes, then why do you sometimes come to the end of the day and find that you have not completed what is on your list of intentions?

Most likely, there are only one or two reasons for this. It’s because you allowed other things to interfere with your plans or come before what you already knew to do, or because you lost focus as you moved through your day.

Things Pop Up

…right in front of us, like an email or a ringing phone, or a person who would like our attention. Sometimes it is easy to put them off or ignore them and other times, we choose to give in and put this other demand above our own list of priorities.

If you find yourself getting more and more behind, even though you seem to be constantly busy, it is vitally important that you take a step back to refocus yourself. Ask yourself this question when you find yourself being distracted:

“Is This the Best Use of My Time Right Now?”

You will find that this question will immediately refocus your direction, time and energy and you will find yourself doing what matters most. Now, that’s Powerful!

Wishing you love in each moment,


 Want to live more in the moment and make a life worth celebrating?

My Book will Help: Powerful Intentions Everyday Gratitude II


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