A Safe Port or the High Seas


What’s so safe about a port?  Ports provide protection from the vast seas. They are built as a welcome haven with strong docks to accommodate their visitors. Ports are not built for permanent habitation. They are built as a welcome haven, a layover, a place to trade goods for other assets.  They are places to conduct business – short term business – never a place to stay for the duration of the life of the ship.

The sea is vast and offers a multitude of choices. At first glance, there are four directions to head – north, south, east and west. But if you’ve ever looked at a compass, you know that there are hundreds, even thousands of degrees in between. Changing the direction even one tenth of one percent affects the direction of the entire journey. A one percent shift in direction and momentum may alter not only the course of the journey, it may also change the final destination.

What is your ship built for? Perhaps you are like a cruise ship – inviting, generous, larger than life, full of activity, always welcoming. Or maybe you are like a freighter – always ready to take on the baggage and cargo from others, ready to carry the load, ready to accept something in return for your efforts. Or are you more like a fishing boat that fills the needs of many people? Perhaps you are like a gentle and quiet sail boat – going with the flow, taking what comes and using the changing winds to your advantage.

As the captain of your ship, set your sights on new and distant ports. Visit many, learn and grow.  Accept all that the sea of life offers. And if you cannot physically find the means to set sail, close your eyes and leave your port.  Use your mind, your imagination and your dreams.

Let not the winds determine the direction of your vessel; instead set your sails to guide you in the direction of your dreams, adjusting as you go to remain on the course of your choosing. The winds may be strong and perhaps hinder your speed. They may be whirling and confusing to your inner compass. The waves may try to topple you, and the cold breezes may try to freeze you in the exact position you find yourself. Stay the course, be strong, put forth your wish unto the Universe, and surely you will one day find yourself at the destination you originally set out for. Or perhaps not. Perhaps instead, you will find yourself exactly where you were always meant to be. And, you will know it is perfect.  Now, that’s Powerful!

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