Is Universal Peace of Mind Really Possible?

ATT00062MA9075984-0004People value things differently.  Some people get a high from having fun, laughter, adventure, excitement and even danger in their lives.  Some people find learning, structure and knowledge provides them with a sense of power and certainty.  Other people value calm and ease, silence, prayer and serenity.  All of these people in one way or other are seeking the same thing – peace of mind. What offers peace of mind to one person may bring angst and fear to another.

You can tell a lot about a person’s values by what type of activities they choose, what line of work they’re in and the people they spend their time with.  You can also tell a lot about them by how they live their day-to-day lives and the choices they make regularly.

There is a friend of mine who is constantly taking vacations.  If she does not have 5-10 trips per year, she feels stagnant and confined and as if she’s not doing enough.  She is the same friend who seems to always be tired and complaining about the lack of time to get everything done that she’d like to.  She is an example of someone who values activity.  Although she loves having conversations with others, she is more likely to flit from one conversation to another, because she likes to have her hands in everything.  She loves excitement, and sometimes it even seems that she likes drama.  She simply feels a need to have lots of movement – physically, emotionally and mentally.  She doesn’t want to miss even a little bit of life.  Having a busy schedule and fitting in as much as possible let’s her know that she is living her life to the fullest and this provides peace of mind to her.

There are some people who would feel overwhelmed and frazzled by her schedule, but my friend is happy as a clam living her life this way.

Another friend of mine is highly structured and methodical about everything she does.  She is not spontaneous in any way.  I have called her on occasion when she is doing nothing and has no plans, but she still will not decide to go out ‘on a moment’s notice’ because she feels that if she didn’t plan it, she shouldn’t be doing it.  She thinks that all things should have order and structure and pace.  She needs to know things well in advance or she gets unsettled and flustered.  She has strict guidelines for herself and although she seems to admire when others take risks and are spontaneous, it is not something she would consider for herself.  These things frighten her.  She finds peace of mind in structure and certainty.

Two very different people have both found peace of mind in different ways.  Each follows the beat of her own inner drummer and is in rhythm with the cadence of her heart.  And so, can the two of them live peaceably together in this world with their dissimilar values and still contribute to the Universal Peace of Mind?  Can they find calm living side by side in this world as they live separately in their own worlds?  And knowing that these women are just two in a vast population on this planet, the question begs to be asked…

Is it truly possible to have a Universal Peace of Mind?

The answer lies in acceptance and allowing.  If these women and others on the planet are willing to accept the values possessed by the other even though they don’t share them; and if each will allow the other to follow her heart and her passion even as she follows her own very separate and different inclination; and if they choose mutual respect through their differences of opinion, then yes, Universal Peace of Mind is possible.

If it is true that the sum of all individual states of mind make up the mass consciousness, and that the collective consciousness guides the tone of the Universe, then it follows to conclude that if the each individual finds Peace of Mind, regardless of the nature of that state of consciousness, then we are in for a collective Peace of Mind.

What is your role in a Universal Peace of Mind?

It is quite simple.  Find your individual path to Peace of Mind and follow it as you allow others to do the same.  Now, that’s Powerful!

About the Author:  Sue Urda is known as the Connections Expert. She is a speaker, author, and inspirer. Sue is the Co-Founder & CEO of Powerful You! Women’s Network, a two-time honoree on INC Magazine’s list of the 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies, and the author  of the Award-Winning book, Powerful Intentions ~ Everyday Gratitude. Sue’s personal mission is to motivate to assist individuals in their own pursuit of success, joyful-living and balance.

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