A Single Conversation is Worth 23 Emails

Have you had the experience of emailing back and forth, back and forth with someone about a specific topic, and yet, you still did not have definitive next steps or a good sense of what the other party was trying to say to you? Or have you received an email from someone and wondered what the heck they just wrote or what you might have done to inspire such ire, only to find out later that what you thought you read wasn’t really what they meant? Yes, the prevalence of emails and texting has brought a whole new set of complications to our already complex human communications. Sure emails are convenient and can happen 24/7, but great care must be taken on both ends of the words – the writing and the interpretation – for real and meaningful communication to exist.

Better still, why not just pick up the phone and dial?

There is much to be learned simply by hearing the intonation, inflexion and speed of someone’s voice. The spoken word and the immediacy of the back and forth banter will breathe new life and a deeper sense of meaning to your connection, and you’ll experience less misunderstandings and greater rapport along the way. Now, that’s Powerful!

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  1. Nifara Ali

    Sue I agree with you picking up the phone and talking to that person, only the timing may not be right. We find time to text and email but a personal phone call many find an excuse not to have one.
    I use to love writing letters but it is obsolete now, we are moving into an era where we are becoming more anti- social due to technology.

  2. Loren

    I absolutely agree. Texting and e-mail are not effective communication tools when one wants to have a meaningful conversation. We miss tones, nuances and just the simple personal touch of the human connection. Thanks for sharing this message. Hope to talk with you soon.

  3. Sue Urda

    Nifara, I used to write lots of letters too… and I do miss receiving them. Maybe this is a reminder to us both that it is time for us to write one!

    Loren, Yes, real communication is so much more than words, and often when we’re together with someone, words aren’t even necessary! I do love a great conversation over a nice cup of coffee or glass of wine!

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