Honoring our Mothers

As we move through life, we often see our mothers in ourselves. We may catch ourselves doing what our mothers have done in the same situation. We hear words from our own lips and we hear our mothers voices. We find our thought process asking the question, “What would mom do?”

The influence of our mothers is with us for our whole lives; it never leaves.

No matter the relationship you have had with your mother over the years or the one you have today, even if she is no longer on this earth, her voice is in your head and her love is in your heart. Even if your relationship is, or has been, strained, there is a common understanding that mothers always do for their children the best the can with all the knowledge, emotion, experience and energy they have at the time they are doing it. Who can ask for anything more – from anyone? It takes a special woman to be a mother and some may say, mothers are twice blessed because they get to give and receive so much love. If you’re a mother, thank you for nurturing and loving your kids. If you’ve ever had a mother, you too, are twice blessed. Now, that’s Powerful!

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  1. Mary Jane Hurley Brant


    What a lovely post. I think it’s my favorite so far.

    I have much to say about being a mother. It changes a woman’s heart and soul forever. Sometimes a woman doesn’t get to be a mom in the traditional sense but she ‘mothers’ others lovingly. That counts, that is important because, quite frankly, we all like that and we all need that from time-to-time.

    Anyway, please visit my post about Mother’s Day http://www.mjhb.net/?p=64 and let us all allow ourselves to be mothered when we need it.

  2. Sue Urda

    MJ, I can’t agree more. We are often ‘mothered’ by women other than our mothers and there is something quite comforting about that. It is good to allow the mothering from wherever it comes – it makes us stronger and provides the love we all need.

    Love your Mother’s Day post, MJ! You’re so real and in touch!

  3. Marlene

    I lost my mother in January 1922. These mother’s day I thought about the things I learned from her mistakes and my mistakes, good and bad times the love that mother had for me was incredible, now I feel sadness but I am glad I had the luck and the blessing of having a mother that love me till the last moment. Today I see mom as my guardian angel. Rest in peace Dolores.

  4. Sue Urda

    It is amazing how deeply our mothers touch us and how they truly are with us forever. Feeling the blessings of our connectedness allows us a sort of reverence for this relationship and it guides us as women to a more nurturing part of ourselves. It is so comforting too to have their guidance from the heavens.
    Bless you, Marlene!

  5. Toni Gitles

    My mother is 93 and I am 60 years old this year. As mom has required assistance these past four years with daily activities of living, we have used this time to develop an even closer bond and spend more time talking about our lives. She has always been my cheerleader in life and continues to encourage me and I continue to uncover my passion and purpose and acknowledge each small step in that direction. I never tire of her words, “I am so proud of you and your father would be also.”

  6. Sue Urda

    Toni, Thanks for sharing your journey with your mother. It is a beautiful testament to the bond we all share, and to be able to enjoy each other for so many years is a true blessing. I look forward to many more wonderful years with my own mother as well.

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