When is the last time you truly ‘unplugged’? We’re talking no emails, no cell phones, no to-do lists, no regular day-to-day tasks and chores. We’re talking no brain cells set to ‘on’ and no where to go, nothing to do. We’re talking true and purposeful relaxation all geared to help you chill out, relax your body, ease your mind, and soothe your soul. We’re talking sleeping in late, lying around on the beach or the couch, taking a nap, taking a walk because you feel like it, not because you have to, and not cooking a meal unless you want to. We’re talking eating an ice cream cone in the middle of the afternoon, reading a whole book in 3 days, or talking and laughing with people you love or even with people you just met. So when is the last time you truly unplugged?

Giving yourself the gift of unplugging sets a whole chain of useful and amazing things in motion.

When your mind and body are at rest, your thoughts will slow to a point where divine inspiration and ideas drop in. If you allow it, you will begin to feel the flow of life as it is intended to feel – like all things are here ‘for’ you, and that life is magical gift. You will feel that you are here for a purpose, and that purpose is to feel good. And mostly, you will know that all things are in perfect timing and divine order. All this from a little unplugging!

What are you waiting for? Make time to get unplugged. Now, that’s Powerful!