Are You Truly Alive?

You know you are TRULY ALIVE when, upon awakening in the morning and realizing you are still on the planet, you thank the heavens for this new day and for your beautiful life. And you feel joyful and blessed for the opportunity of another chance to show up, share love and shine your light! If you think about it, you will know that you are powerful beyond measure. You have the power in each moment to choose that which serves you and the planet. You have the power to guide your thoughts, words and actions. You know that you affect the people around you. You see it in their eyes, feel it in their vibration and hear it in their voice. You know when you have a positive or negative effect on them, and deep down, you know that you are powerful beyond measure.

Free will is the greatest gift you possess, for it is in your choosing that you create your life.

The question is, are your consciously aware of what you are creating or are you simply going through the moments and the motions? Are you truly alive or are you just surviving? It is your choice. You have the power. Bless this day and claim your power!

You are powerful beyond measure … Go with it! Now, that’s Powerful!

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2 Responses to Are You Truly Alive?

  1. Wonderful image to awaken and think about how we affect a love vibration when we show up and shine our light.

    I was lucky this morning because I spent 2 hours with my oldest living role model. She is 93 and self-published her memoir at 90. She outlived 2 husbands, raised 7 kids, one of whom she adopted because her parish priest said the child had no parents.

    She brings out my outrageous side which is my best side and it certainly beats being with someone who brings out my worse side.

    Her name is Rosie and I call her Rosie Dotes. Does anyone else out there have someone who brings out the best in them?

  2. Sue Urda Sue Urda says:

    MJ, I am guessing you bring out the best in all (well, most :+)) of the people you are with. I know I feel I am am a better person for knowing you! xo, Sue

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