Let the Knife Cut the Cake

Imagine that you are going to slice a beautiful and delicate angel food cake. You choose the appropriate knife, you place the knife on the cake and you begin to force the knife into and through the cake. Yes, the cake comes apart, yet by virtue of the excess force you have exerted, the light and airy cake is now compressed into a 1” high pile of dense, smashed sweetness. If you had simply allowed the blade of the knife to do its job, with very little effort or force on your part, the slice of cake would remain light, airy, beautiful and ever-sweet.

The moral: When you choose the appropriate tools, use them consciously and allow them to do their job.

The same may be said of people you work with and hang out with – choose them wisely and let them do what they do best. The same may also be said of the feelings you have about everything in life – people, material things, events and circumstances. Allow your intuition and feelings to guide you gently and intentionally through your life. Like the cake, using the proper tools in a graceful and ease-filled manner will allow your life and your relationships to remain light, beautiful and ever-sweet.

Now, that’s Powerful!

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