Logic is Overrated

Big Sky with Sun Rays and GrassSociety insists on logic. It insists that there must be a method to the madness and rhyme or reason to everything that exists.  Society will say ‘spell it out for me’ or ‘show me why’ or ‘ draw me a picture’.  It says that there must be a plan and a path and a statistical leaning towards one thing or the other.  It says that there must be a well thought out course of action and a step-by-step procedure.

Society demands proof.

I think differently.  I think there never needs to be proof when there are feelings that come through so strongly that there appears no other choice.  I think that the best possible reason to do anything at all is not a reason per se; instead it is a feeling.  Feelings cannot always be explained.  They just are.

Of course, feelings aren’t always easy to decipher.  Sometimes our feelings seem to sway back and forth like a good, long slow dance.  Sometimes the sway to the right seems so natural that we could stay there all day – that is until they sway to the left happens.  Then, the allure makes us think that the left is the only place to be.

Why are feelings so complicated? Actually they’re not.  It is the logic we use to interpret them that complicates and confuses us.  It is our thinking mind that gets in the way of a perfectly good feeling.  If we could just get out of our heads and into our hearts, we could easily and effortlessly be guided to make right decisions, to take the appropriate course of action, and to move along the perfect path at the perfect speed at the perfect time for each of us.

You see, the mind serves to complicate even the simplest of things.  It automatically goes through umpteen iterations, hypotheses and ‘what ifs’.  It does calculations, measurements and summations.  It invents theories, stories and outcomes.  In short, the mind does somersaults when it could simply take a step.

Now, surely we know that the mind is an incredible instrument that serves to protect us.  But the mind is limited in that the minds’ work is based on past experience – even when it is looking to the future.  It creates a plan based on what it knows to be true – based on the past.  It makes decisions to move ahead – based on the past.  It projects a myriad of options for tomorrow – all based on yesterday.

It just doesn’t add up.  Even our thinking mind would agree with this if it wasn’t so enamored with the ‘facts’ of the past.

The truth is that our true feelings, not our emotions, know nothing of past experience.  True feelings, the ones that live deep within the heart, know only what is good and right and perfect for us.  Individually speaking, there is really only one perfect way for you to go, there is one perfect choice and one perfect move.  That’s it.  The heart knows what this is.

How can you get out of your head and into your heart?

It’s easy.  Get into a nice quiet space (even if it’s only in your head).  Then take three deep belly breaths.  This will serve to center you.  Now, drop in your question.  You can say it silently or aloud.  Now perhaps for the toughest part of all – wait for an answer.  Allow your body to feel the feelings of choosing one thing or the other.  Allow your heart to be swayed back and forth like a good long slow dance, and feel in which direction the sway feels better.  Your answer is within you.  It is deep in your heart; there is no other place for it to reside.

And the next time someone tells you ‘You’re out of your mind’, thank them.  Now, that’s Powerful!

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