Overwhelm is a Verb

Yep, I just learned it this week. Overwhelm is a verb. It is not a noun. It is not a thing in and of itself. It is not something that we can easily point to and identify without linking it to something else. You have to be overwhelmed by something or because of something or someone, but you can’t be in a state of overwhelm alone.

Overwhelm doesn’t Exist in a Vacuum

This means that your mind has to perceive something, think a thought and make a decision about what it means. So, if your mind decides there’s too much going on at the moment – too many balls in the air, too long a to-do list, too many people pulling you in different directions, too many ants crawling on your porch – you might decide that you are feeling overwhelmed.

AHA!  So, Overwhelm is a Feeling we Choose…

Well, kind of. But, come on! Who would choose to feel overwhelmed? No one would consciously choose it. This assumes we are consciously aware and choosing our thoughts and feelings. I think it is more that we allow ourselves to succumb to it through our pre-programmed, subconscious and unconscious thinking. We look at what’s in front of us and say, “Yep, this looks like overwhelm”. But wait! – I just used it as a noun! From what I just learned – overwhelm is not a noun. So maybe the key to not feeling overwhelmed is to simply recognize and be more consciously aware that overwhelm is a verb and it requires that we participate. I, for one, choose not to participate. Won’t you join me?

Now, that’s Powerful!

As a side note – I am not an expert of language or grammar, so if you’re thinking I am wrong about the technical aspects of the noun-verb thing, cut me some slack!  🙂


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About the Author:  Sue Urda is an Author, Speaker, Inspirer and Co-Founder of Powerful You! Women’s Network and Powerful You! Publishing. She was named twice on Inc. Magazines list of the 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies and is the author of three books, Powerful Intentions Everyday Gratitude, Women Living Consciouslyand Empowering Transformations for Women. Sue’s vision is to contribute to a global consciousness of women helping women succeed in business and in life and to open them to truth of who they are.  www.sueurda.com www.powerfulyou.com


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