Pushing Through, Giving In or Giving It a Rest

overwhelm_life2Your project is in front of you. You feel it deeply in your bones. You see it emblazoned in your minds’ eye. You can taste it. Yes. It’s all you’ve thought about, dreamed of and worked on for days, weeks – maybe even months.

You know deep in your soul that it’s what you’re meant to do, and you can feel the satisfaction and pure joy of the realization of all of it. But it simply isn’t happening as you envisioned.

Your Desired Results are Simply Not Manifesting

What gives? Haven’t we all heard of the Law of Attraction? We set the intention, align our energy, hold the vision, take the inspired action and VOILA! It manifests! … Well, sometimes it doesn’t.

How Do You Know When to Give Up?

The truth is it’s not always a cut and dry decision. Some will say you never stop; you never give up on your dreams. You must pursue your desires no matter the cost, no matter the time, no matter the blood, sweat and tears. If you want it, you pay the price, put in the time and just go for it. There is no end.

Others will tell you to cut your losses and to abandon the sinking ship. Get out while the getting is good. Don’t throw good money after bad.

Who’s right? Both.

Sometimes You’ve Just Gotta Give It a Rest

I am a huge fan of living from your heart. I am a proponent of following your dreams and living into them. I know that what makes life worth living is whatever makes your own heart sing.

I also know that as much as we try, we don’t have as much control as we think we do. I know that there is a thing called perfect timing and divine order. And I know that our human-made plans don’t hold a candle to the plans of our Higher Self, the Universe, God.

‘No’ Right Now Doesn’t Mean ‘No’ Forever

Sometimes you’ve just gotta give it a rest. Take a step back. Let things fall into place in their own timing. Sure, you do things you know to do, continue to take inspired action and by all means, hold the vision. Don’t ever stop feeling the feelings of the dream that holds your heart.

But for now, just take a little step to the side and let things happen as they will. Rest in the knowledge that your life is in perfect order and that your dreams are still incubating. Rest and be comforted knowing that you’ve done your best. Rest and feel good.

Giving In Doesn’t Mean Giving Up

It simply means you have decided to go with the flow of life. It means you have turned it over to the greater good. It means you are trusting in the power of all that is. It’s not failure, and it’s not necessarily over. It’s in the hands of God.

 Now that’s Powerful!

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