Ready Or Not, Here I Come

Winding RoadDo you remember playing hide and seek as a child?  When you were “it”, you had to close your eyes and count to 20 while the other kids scampered for a hiding place.  When you reached 20 you would yell out, “ready or not, here I come”, and then proceed to look for the other kids and tag them before they made it back to home base.  If you successfully tagged someone, it was their turn to be “it” and the game continued.  When you were the one hiding, your heart raced wildly and your breathing grew faster each time you heard “ready or not, here I come”, because this was when the real action was about to begin.  This same reaction is present in real-life situations with adults.

When the action is imminent, hearts pound and breathing becomes shallow, steps become faster and intentions become laser-beam focused.

We wait quietly, planning our course of action and then rush to get to home base, otherwise know as the goal or desired result.  Perhaps the only difference between hide and seek as kids and our adult version of it is the amount of fun we have in the process.  The next time you find yourself creating a plan and rushing to complete it, perhaps you’ll think of it as a game of hide and seek and decide to have fun along the way.

The proof may be in the pudding, but the joy is in the process.

Now, that’s Powerful!

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