Thanks for Giving and Thanks for Receiving

Hands - Holding 2 setsGRATITUDE is a feeling in your heart that resonates through your entire body.  It doesn’t matter if you are on the giving or receiving end of gratitude – it works just the same.  As it moves through you, it literally makes you healthier and happier.  You know this is true because of the feelings you feel in your body as you give yourself over to that moment of pure appreciation and thankfulness.

ON THE RECEIVING END, we recognize a warmth coming into our hearts as we accept appreciation, and on the giving end we send forth this same warmth from our own hearts.  Perhaps the most amazing quality of gratitude is that we cannot give it without also receiving the numerous benefits.  It is as if the feelings of goodness are exponentially multiplied and they reverberate within us, through us, then out into the world and right back at us.

As the saying goes… “It is in giving that we receive.”

TO THIS I WOULD ADD, and it is in receiving that we give back. There are always at least two sides to every interaction, so it is your responsibility to be a gracious receiver as well. As we enter the holiday season and these wonderful days of celebration, set your mind and open your heart in an attitude of gratitude and you will be doubly blessed. Giving and Receiving … Ahhhh, what a life.  Now that’s Powerful!

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