The Storm Remains

So many people are still in the dark – and no, this is not a metaphor. How can it be that a whole week has passed since Superstorm Sandy battered her way through the Caribbean Islands, the Eastern seaboard and made landfall in the Northeast U.S., that so many of us are still glued to The Weather Channel to follow the destruction, devastation and death and wondering what the heck we can do. Yes, there are many initiatives from the Red Cross to the Army, from churches to restaurants, from the YMCA and private citizens doing whatever they can to supply the basic needs of food, shelter, clothing and warmth to tens of thousands who have been displaced and some who are now homeless. There are thousands who have volunteered to clean up and repair whatever is possible. And of course, there are the children who have missed school, men and women who could not get to work, those who are injured or who have lost a loved one or their personal possessions to Sandy. It is heartbreaking and gut-wrenching to witness from afar, and certainly even more so for those who are living in the midst of it.

And although the effects of the storm are most directly felt by those in the path of Sandy, the truth is there are hundreds of thousands of others who are feeling the effects too. Is this you?

Are You Suffering Vicariously?

I spoke with someone who told me she felt guilty for living in a beautiful, sunny, warm and dry place that was not hit by the storm, and she felt it was not right for her to enjoy her life while so many others were in such a bad place. She felt that it was her responsibility to watch all the news and to feel the pain along with those who were suffering. Basically, she thought she should put her life on hold. I imagine there are many who hold the same feelings. The truth is…

You Can’t Feel Bad Enough so that Someone Else Feels Better

By not living your life to the fullest and enjoying what’s going on around you, you are not honoring anyone else and you are certainly not honoring the sanctity of life. Yes, we are most definitely connected to each other, and yes, we are here to help each other, and yes, we should do what we can to support and assist whomever we can when we are inspired to do so; We are not here though to wallow in suffering, pity, fear or worry. There is no good that comes of it.

If you are feeling helpless or anxious, it’s time to do something. If you’re close enough to the people in need, offer your time and ‘womanpower’ by volunteering. If you’re in the middle of it and have power or food, open your home to others for a shower or a hot meal and a few hours in the warmth. If you’re farther away, make a donation to the Red Cross or some other organization who offers disaster relief. And of course we can all send love, light, and prayers for the healing for a situation beyond our control. As you do what you can, you will feel empowered. And by the way, those who are still dealing with the effects of Sandy will be happy to know you have done what you can and that you are living your life – even as they are recovering.

  Now, that’s Powerful!

NOTE:  If there is any way we can help you recover from the storm, please let us know and we will reach out to our network of amazing women.

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