Waiting for Perfect

Do you find yourself checking your list – checking it twice?  Are you gonna find out if it’s finished and nice?  Are you like countless others who check and re-check their work as much as ten or more times before deciding that it’s good enough for someone else’s eyes?  As much as we would like everything to be in order, finessed and aligned before presenting ourselves and our stuff to the world, there can be great satisfaction in doing something imperfectly.

There are those who would say perfectionism is a gift to us and others.

Granted, there are certain tasks and professions that require multiple checks due to safety and privacy, and yet these are not the majority of what we find ourselves re-checking and re-thinking.  There is a point in the release of a new idea, a project or a final draft where we have to put up our hands and move away from the table.  We must draw a deep breath, recognize that we have done our diligence and know that we have done our part. Whatever happens, when you proclaim it to be finished and release it, is up to the Universe. Although waiting for perfect might seem like a good idea, there is great power in acting without perfection.  The next steps, the right people and good circumstances will line up as you move forward.

No more waiting – release.  Now, that’s Powerful!

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