What Are You Eluding?

ATT00059MA9075984-0003Is there something you desire that seems out of your reach? Something that you have a hankering for that is eluding you? Perhaps it is not really eluding you – perhaps you are eluding it.

As human beings we have come to expect that we will not receive everything we desire. It is commonplace for us to feel greedy or over-ambitious or unworthy when we ‘want too much’. These feelings are learned from our conditioning as children and our personal experience over the years as well as our observation of others. Much of society would have us believe that ‘good enough is good enough’ and that we should be happy with what we already have, and leave the rest for others. Some would even call this virtuous and righteous. I would call it incredibly short-sighted and untrue.

If you’re not in alignment your dreams can’t find you.

Here’s the deal… YOU are worthy and deserving of everything you can imagine and desire. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks and it doesn’t matter if you earn it with lots of hard work or if comes to you with grace and ease. The truth is that if have a desire in your heart and you see it in your mind’s eye, you will have it in your life experience. You must simply line up your feelings with your desires and focus on the good that will come from you having it. When you see and feel the good, your energy is raised and you cannot help but attract the people, circumstances, events and actions into your life that will deliver your desires. Aligning your feelings with your desires is the answer.

Life gives you whatever you ask of it. Ask from abundance.

Meet some women living their desire when you join us at a Powerful You! Meeting.

Wishing you Alignment!

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