Whatever Your Calling, It is God’s Work

beach - walkway toThere are some people who say “I have a vocation” or “I have a calling” or “I know that what I am doing is my purpose in life”. I used to be envious of these people until I realized that they are no different than anyone else on this earth, and they are certainly no different than me. These people simply had allowed themselves to be open to their purpose – and actually it’s even more than that…they have allowed themselves to decide what their purpose is.

Every thought, word and deed is a step towards your purpose.

What I have come to know is that each of us IS fulfilling our purpose whether we know it or not.  Now you might think that, given your current circumstances, you couldn’t possibly be fulfilling your purpose or doing God’s work. Maybe you don’t see yourself in a position of strength or having accomplished what you know is possible for you. Maybe you feel like you are floundering or that what you are doing isn’t important enough to be your purpose in life. Here’s the thing … whatever is happening in your life right now is exactly what is supposed to be happening for you. It is the direct result of every thing you have done and every thought you have thought. If things were supposed to be different for you – they would be. This is the divine design of the Universe. There is no other way.

So what is your purpose? Your purpose is whatever you decide it is. It is not magic. There is not ‘the one thing’ that is set in stone as your life purpose. The truth is that people choose their purpose by making a decision to follow their guidance – whether they allow this guidance to come from their heart or their mind is of no consequence. As soon as the decision is made and you begin to move towards it, you are on the right path for you. No matter what.

Your purpose is your choice. Choose to love it.

Now, that’s Powerful!

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