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Are You a Possibility Thinker?

Possibility thinkers are those who dwell in the realm of all that could be. They remove their thoughts from “what is” and decide to focus their vision on what “could be” possible if they would allow themselves to think it.

Possibility thinkers are often accused of being dreamers, schemers and hopeless romantics by those who inundate themselves with “reality”. These “realists” are those who think of what exists around them as the only possibility for what will ever be around them – and then they are disappointed and, at the same time, vindicated for feeling this way. Many realists have … Read More

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YOU Are The Miracle You’ve Been Waiting For

There is no one on this earth more important, more special or more powerful than you. The gifts you possess are unique to you. The creativity that you hold within you and that you use in your actions is a treasure. The love you feel and the love you share provide immense joy to those touched by you. The beauty of your soul is matched only by the beauty of your expression of it.

You are truly a Miracle.

As you recognize the immense splendor of the being you are, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that … Read More

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Happy New Year ~ Or Not

If you’ve been reading anything I’ve written on my blog over the years, you probably already know what I’m going to say…. I ask you to read it anyway. By now you know that YOU are the only one who gets to make 2013 a good year for yourself ~ or not. YOU are the one who holds the power – No one else creates your destiny, but you. No one else makes you happy or sad, but you. No one else controls how you feel, but you. No one else does your inner work, but you. No one calls … Read More

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