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Happy Celebrating & Happy Eating

july-4th-burgerIt’s Memorial Day today and we are honoring and celebrating all of the U.S. Service men and women who lost their lives serving our country. Many of the freedoms we now enjoy are due to their supreme gift, and we are forever grateful to them.

Many of us will be celebrating this national holiday with a barbeque or other get together that involves eating foods that aren’t normally on our healthy diets or simply aren’t foods we regularly allow ourselves to enjoy. A few specific treats come to mind – hot dogs and hamburgers (on a bun), bbq ribs, gooey … Read More

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Healthy, Abundant, & Wise Summit: May 16 – 20

Summit Header for Web pageWould you like to feel more empowered and abundant as you move through each day—no matter what’s in front of you? Do you need some guidance and inspiration to move you to new heights of living more consciously, with vibrancy, on purpose, and with a true sense of personal power?

20 Amazing Individuals who have made this conscious choice in their own lives to live in a space of abundance and well-being are coming together to share their stories, strategies, tools and wisdom for you!  They are all co-authors of the soon-to-be-released book, Healthy, Abundant, & Wise.

Register Now at:  … Read More

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Projects and Closure

project-completionLife is a continuum and it seems that there’s always something going on. We’ve just completed a new project, we’ve just started developing another new idea, and of course, we’re continuing the day to day tasks and projects of the business that are ongoing. I must say, it feels really good. In thinking back over the first few months of this year, I know we completed and started several different things – some of them were more successful than others – and yet, we’re thankful for all of them. They each taught us or brought us something, and so all … Read More

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Sayings, Thoughts, and Attraction – & Superstition



I don’t really consider myself to be superstitious, and yet when Friday the 13th rolls around I must admit that I do think about it. I don’t schedule anything too important and I don’t plan anything with too many moving parts where something could go wrong. And if I look back I believe I even blamed some unfortunate occurrences on things like the date or a black cat crossing my path. I also don’t walk under ladders, and for years I wore lucky red socks. So maybe I am a sucker for a few superstitions and old wives … Read More

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