It’s Better Because of You

beautiful woman enjoy in meadowBy your inherent nature and energy, you continually affect everything and everyone you come in contact with.  The combined energy of your heart space and your brain send ‘waves’ to all that surrounds you and simply by thinking and feeling, you literally create the world around you. Your feelings and thoughts are being mirrored back to you at the same time you are thinking and feeling them, and they show up in the people, places and circumstances you observe.  What does this mean?

You are both the creator and observer of your experience.

If you can wrap your head around this, you will become more conscious of the thoughts you think, because you will know that these thoughts equal the direct proportion of ‘control’ you have over your world. Control is an interesting word in that there is very little in our world that we truly do control. Control is more of an illusion than anything else – except when it comes to our thoughts

Your thoughts are unique to you and you are the only one who can change or direct them.  There are times when you may have felt that you were “talked into something” or “made to do something”, but the truth of the matter is that you have the final say when it comes to what you think about.  You are in the driver’s seat of your brain and you have supreme reign over your thoughts – unless you think you don’t.  As soon as you think that someone else has power over your thinking, then they do – and it is you who has given it to them.

As you make a conscious decision to control your thinking, you will notice that you immediately have more control without doing much of anything but observing what you are thinking.

As you begin to control your thoughts, you will begin to control your world.

Easing into this new way of thinking may start to make you a bit crazy, because you will notice how much your mind wanders to thoughts that may not serve you. These may be thoughts of worry, fear, judgment, anxiety and the like. You may find that you are less positive than you thought you were and that your thoughts naturally tend to the negatives in a situation. This may be because of the conditioning of your upbringing. (No, this is not just blaming it on your parents) Our society tends to focus on the unsavory and problematic side of things – just listen to the evening news and you’ll know this is true.

When you begin to notice your thinking, you will most likely make a decision to be more positive and optimistic.  In order to do this, you will need to adjust your thinking.  It is not necessary to be obsessive about your thinking; it is more a cycle of observation and adjustment, observation and adjustment, etc. In time, you will notice the triggers, people and situations that lead you to the positive or negative thoughts and by simple observation of your thinking, along with noticing how you’re feeling with those thoughts, you will naturally tend to lean towards the better-feeling people, circumstances and things…all of this as you create the world around you!

The best way to positively affect your life experience is to think thoughts of gratitude.

When you feel gratitude, love and appreciation for anything, your ‘field’ creates a positive environment for you and you will be drawn to all that lifts you up and all that is aligned with your own grateful thoughts. As you become more aware of your thinking mind and make adjustments, you will find not only that you are a happier, more loving and more productive individual, you will also find that the world around is better because of you! And that’s just one more thing to be grateful for!

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