A Bad Mood is and Indicator of Change

800px-Monarch_Butterfly_Danaus_plexippus_on_Echinacea_purpurea_2800pxHave you ever woken up ‘grumpy” or with a pervasive feeling of dread or sadness?  You search your mind wondering where these feelings and thoughts come from, and you have no answer – just this horrible bad mood to deal with. So you try to change your mood by looking on the bright side and this works for a few minutes or a few hours, but then the darkness creeps right back in and BOOM there you are feeling anxious, fearful or depressed again – for no apparent reason!

What does this mean? An unexplained bad mood is an indicator that change is on the horizon and that a shift is happening within you. This mood gives you a chance to refocus your thoughts and direction. It practically forces you to work hard to bring to mind the good that is in your life, and it is actually Spirit’s way of telling you that this is what you should be doing everyday, anyway, no matter what.

A bad mood provides for you an opportunity to observe the contrast of your usual upbeat, happy, positive self with the darker side of you. This darker side is in all of us and it provides the gift of clarity. By feeling the ‘bad’ we now more greatly desire the ‘good”. And as we have learned, good is everywhere. We just have to look for it!

The elixir for a bad mood is a good dose of GRATITUDE. Be Grateful Now!

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